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You don’t need to indulge in public display of affection or cuddling every evening while watching television.But you need to let your woman know in small ways how much she means to you.All men have our own role models, whether it’s a freedom fighter, a business tycoon, an NFL player or a bodybuilder.You idolize them because those people have achieved so much and inspire you to become a better guy.And now let’s dive headfirst into what women want in a man.#1 A man who can respect her This may seem easy to do, but do you really respect your wife or girlfriend?

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So what makes a guy a great guy and what makes him a passerby?

#2 A man who can truly love her You can gift your wife or girlfriend with pricy baubles and luxury vacations, but that’s not really the definition of love [Read: The meaning of love].

True love is shared in small ways, every single day.

Be a good speaker, a great conversationalist, a great pool player, or just about anything else that’s beneficial in your life.

As long as your woman is impressed with you for your skills, she’ll brag about it and love you for it!

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